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I’m just like you, with a different view.

The Moro Reflex
“I Care.”

Welcome home.

I’m Luis Moro. I’m just like you, with a different view.

I’m interested in people empowering people. I’m inspired by people who love to make a difference for a living. It’s not an easy path. But, it is possible and very fulfilling when we’re Being Trainable.

With the education available today, there is no reason to live a disempowered life. Start by participating.

Let’s keep doing our part in creating a better world. Let’s keep empowering people, one day at a time.

About me

I love life. I’m a big fan of education, Being trainable, and participation. Every day You and I have an opportunity to make a difference.

Let’s make the best of our time together and leave the world better today. Let’s live a life worth living.

Let’s create, “making a difference is our lifestyle.”


I bring life to stories.

I’m a multiple Award-winning filmmaker and writer. I produce feature films, Stand-up comedy shows, and Comedy Laugh Festivals in Santa Barbara, CA. You can expect fun and many laughs.

I’m experienced in professional parenting coaching and authored several books on the topic of raising fully functioning and Self-determining children.

I have 35 years of commercial, private lending, and SBA mortgage experience. I can secure you a great mortgage. All residential mortgage clients by referral.

Media Posts

I have my share of media interviews, reviews, articles, and blog posts. In today’s world, it’s easy to just “Google” search and form a conclusion.

I find the best way to know someone is to meet them or be recommended by someone. Since you’re reading this, odds are we met or were referred.

Hi, how are you? Let’s Create the Relevant together. See some active projects below.

Active Projects

I’m a multiple Award-Winning Filmmaker, writer, and producer. The creative and logistic skills required to write and produce entertainment productions continue to bring me great joy. I look forward to bringing many more scripted stories to life on the entertainment screen. Production-ready scripts are available to qualified parties.

“I AM a Professional Parent. How to Raise Fully-functioning, Self-determining Children” was my first authored parenting book. This Professional Parenting methodology evolved into three more books, courses, and thousands of hours of coaching and training with a range of businesses, parents, and children. Declare: “I AM a Professional Parent.”

Santa Barbara Laugh Festival

See you at the 2023 SBLF Nov. 1, 2, 3, & 4.

The 2023 Santa Barbara Laugh Festival is celebrating Comedy Heaven, Santa Barbara, California, and the comedy producers and comedians who bring laughter to Santa Barbara all year round.

SBLF showcases local to headliner Comedians on the path to stardom. The SBLF is possible thanks to a collective of SB stakeholders committed to inspiring Santa Barbara’s community all year round.

These incredible people are the backbone of producing the year-round interconnected series of SB events, shows, festivals, parades, and conferences.

Thursday is Santa Barbara Comedy Night.

I love comedy. From East to West Coast, my lifelong career includes producing and performing stand-up comedy shows, specials, and fundraisers. When the COVID-19 pandemic arrived, I knew my Santa Barbara community would need an outdoor place to be entertained. I started to produce this weekly outdoor Stand-up comedy show helping revive the Santa Barbara Stand-up comedy scene. Come join us for weekly laughs at Santa Barbara Comedy Nights. Now in our second year, we’re presenting the best Comedians of Santa Barbara at the Santa Barbara Laugh Festival, on Nov. 3, 4, and 5, 2022.

Friday Night Laughs in the Heart of the Goodland.

Our vision to create Santa Barbara Comedy Heaven continues to expand with Friday Night Laughs at the Java Comedy Club located in the heart of Santa Barbara and Goleta. The Goodlands comedy night is a community favorite for weekly professional stand-up comedy. We host locals to headliners every Friday Night. Come and have some laughs with us every Friday night at the Java Comedy Club. RSVP

The 2023 Santa Barbara Pride Comedy Festival is here. Join us June 1, 7, 8, and 9, for a fantastic lineup of stand-up comedians uniting and inspiring through comedy.

The Pride Comedy Festival is committed to creating peace through laughter. We Pride ourselves in uniting people with comedy. Who we are in the world is up to us. How you get along is up to you. We invite you to be a person who brings peace, love, and laughter to everyone in your life. We’re doing our part by uniting a diverse range of comedic voices to share their hilarious views of the world. Let’s laugh together. See you at the Pride Comedy Festival.

I’m grateful to be a 35-year veteran in the mortgage finance business. The best advice I can offer anyone looking for a mortgage is to, know your mortgage loan officer. Who are they? What are they up to in their communities? I participate in my community. You can count on me to help you succeed with your mortgage financing needs.

I’m proud to be part of the Veterans ACT team. We’re a community of people empowering veterans to successfully succeed in their transition from military service to civilian life. Currently a maturing project, we look forward to empowering Veterans to succeed post military life.

The Planet Generation is my commitment to empowering people to transcend and shift any generational divisiveness passed on from generation to generation with misguided labeling. We are not Gen M, X, Y or Z, or any other invaliding label. We are all the Planet Generation. We’re for the Planet.

Additional clients, projects, and published books at Transparent Technologies, Inc.

our journey continues

Let’s Create the Relevant.

We Speak Peace.

We are the Planet Generation.